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mobile web apps,web apps,webapps,web-apps,iphone web apps,blackberry apps,android webapps. - Mehr Zurich im Netz - Mehr Zurich im NetzZurich City Guide- Restaurants- Bars- Hotels- Shopping- Partys, Movies, Concerts- Slangikon- Blog Today- User Comments 2014/08/25


ZEVISITThe listener can just as easily listen to a tour of his own neighborhood, set off on a tour of a city or region during a weekend get-away, or, as a way of enriching a voyage or one’,s cultural knowledge, visit any of the extraordinary sites chosen from around the world (the legend behind the statues of Easter Island, The love affair that gave rise to Taj Mahal in India, The Statue of Liberty).Great escapes guaranteed. 2014/08/25

yongBus: Nearby Bus Arrival Time

yongBus: Nearby Bus Arrival TimeClean design for quick and easy use!- 1-Touch shows all buses near your location- 1-Touch compare buses nearby and buses at destination - 1-Touch for all favorite buses arrival time- All sbs and over 200 smrt bus stop. It is 100% free! 2014/08/25

Yahoo! Maps for iPhone & iPod Touch

Yahoo! Maps for iPhone & iPod TouchHello there. Mobi One and MB Dragan created this page to fulfill the need of Yahoo! Maps for the iPhone and iPod touch owners. 2014/08/25

WORLDview for iPhone

WORLDview for iPhoneGives you all the important information of all countries in the world. List countries by continent, view all countries or pick a random country. Get info like capital, continent, coordinates, basic history, important phone numbers and more. 2014/08/25

World Time Zones

World Time ZonesAn application to calculate the time in other parts of the world. Perfect for anyone who travels a lot.Choose from numerous popular cities. Simply select the time where you are, the city you are closest to, and the city where you want to know the for.Now you can stop calling business contacts when they are eating dinner or worse, sleeping. 2014/08/24

World Time Server

World Time offers current and accurate time in any country around the world. Before making an international phone call, be sure you are calling at an appropriate time using’,s mobile-ready web site.Even save your favorite locations for later to quickly lookup current times where you have family or friends around the world. 2014/08/24

WorldPics - The world in photos

WorldPics - The world in is a free community website made to discover the world through geolocated photos uploaded by the members. Take part to the adventure and visit the world in your couch. enjoy! 2014/08/24

Whistler Travel Guide

Whistler Travel GuideLocally written guide for the town of Whistler and the mountain resort of Whistler Blackcomb. Find recommendations for skiing & snowboarding, shopping, restaurants, activities, apres ski & nightlife, real estate, spas & wellness, accommodation and much more. One of a series of Canada travel guides developed by Mobiguides 2014/08/24

Where Travel

Where TravelA new addition to our popular print products which have been in circulation since 1937. Dining, shopping, entertainment, attraction and tour information for popular travel destinations. Air traffic delays, security wait times and weather for major airports. 2014/08/24

WeLive GPS

WeLive GPSWarning signal of radars and disturbances (in French). 2014/08/24

Wardle Transport

Wardle TransportThis application allows commuters to browse all of the current bus routes and timetables in operation (UK).The commuter may search for a route and the specify which day they are travelling and which direction they are going. This then shows the times available and allows the commuter to catch a later or earlier bus. 2014/08/24


VienNavAn iPhone/iPod touch application to plan trips with public transportation in Vienna, Austria. It is a polished frontend for the route planner at and offers both a search interface and result presentation optimized for the iPhone’,s screen. After specifying a start address and a destination address, VienNav will display a list of possible routes with detailed information which trams, buses or subways to take, where to change, how long each step will... 2014/08/24 2 go 2 goTraffic information for Germany, Netherland, Belgium. Lists and in Google Maps. Get all congestions in lists of federal states, streets and hole countries. Special Google Map view with all traffic information. You could zoom in, zoom out and could scroll the map with your fingertip. 2014/08/24

Vegas Mobile

Vegas MobileLas Vegas is just a tap away. Vegas Mobile has detailed information on almost every hotel in Las Vegas. Vegas Mobile also offers a list of shows and tours that you can go to. You can make quick reservations through the call center. Vegas Mobile uses iUI, and is optimized for iPhone and iPod Touch. 2014/08/24

Vacation Rentals on the Road

Vacation Rentals on the RoadThe free website for holiday houses, now has anoptimized interface for your beloved iPhone or iPod Touch. Select yourfavorite country and we’,ll present you a fine selection of vacation rentals,mainly by private owners. Contact the owner directly with all yourquestions in order to make a reservation. 2014/08/24

U.S. State Info

U.S. State InfoSelect a state to find out the capital, State Flower, State Bird and more! 2014/08/24 Rail Transit Guide Rail Transit GuideProvides a fast and easy way to browse a list of Charlotte, NC stations, fares and amenities surrounding a particular transit station including a map to the park and ride facility (if available) and any restaurants, entertainment, shopping, etc. 2014/08/24

UK Train Times

UK Train TimesThis is a WebApp designed to be used on the iPhone and the iPod Touch that let’,s users search for UK train times. It also let’,s you save your journey details for access without an internet connection, just in case you forget that journey time. 2014/08/24

UK Traffic Reports

UK Traffic ReportsTraffic Reports for the UK, in an iPhone friendly format. Designed to fit in perfectly with the iPhone’,s own applications and optimised for use over the EDGE network. 2014/08/24

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